At Hyperbia, we host your data in a Tier 3 Datacentre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our datacentre uses the latest technology and relies on one of Canada's largest networks, so you know your data will be stable, available, and secure.

Technical Specifications


  • Low-rise building with over 73,000 sq. ft of total area
  • Custom dedicated cage space
  • Insultated pre-cast concrete panel and steel construction


  • SOC 1 (SSAE-16/CSAE-3416/ISAE-3402) type 2 audits
  • SOC 2, type 2 audits, ISO 27001
  • PCI DSS certified for physical security standards


  • Environmental conditions maintained within ASHRAE standards
  • Redundant and fault tolerant cooling design in all data halls
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle design


  • 100% power availability SLA
  • Multiple UPS maintained to a minimum N+1
  • A+B power paths to all customer racks/cabinets each from independent UPS
  • Minimum 24 hour run time at full capacity
  • Multiple generators maintained to a minimum of N+1
  • Refueling arrangements with multiple fuel providers


  • Multiple VESDA units in a cross-zoned configuration
  • Clean-agent extinguishers throughout
  • Smoke and heat sensors
  • Overhead clean agent gas suppression in critical infrastructure areas
  • Double inter-lock dry pipe pre-action sprinkler system


  • 24x7 on-site uniformed security staff
  • Full fenced and monitored perimeter with security and cntrolled gate
  • Centralized Security Coordination Centre
  • Extensive network of video surveillance
  • Multiple security zones with 2-factor biometric authentication
  • Full customer control for the security access of their employees or other agents
  • 24x7 unannounced access privileges for authorized individuals


  • 100% network availability SLA
  • Diverse fibre connectivity to Q9's national network
  • Multiple, diverse network entrances
  • Multiple, diverse internal distribution frames for each data hall
  • Multiple fibre providers with on-site POPs