Howdy, partner.

We work hard to make sure our Partners shine in the eyes of their clients.  We understand the IT industry and offer a cost-effective, unique, local solution that stands out in your portfolio.

Why Sell Hyperbia?

more money

Competitive Pricing

With better margins compared to Public Cloud, you can increase your bottom line while getting exemplary service.

Broaden Your Portfolio

Offer more options that resonate with local-first, privacy- sensitive customers.

unlimited support

Includes Unlimited Support

Professional all-you-can-eat support is included at no cost. Rest easy knowing you (and your clients) are well taken care of.

Let us help you become a superhero

We respect your ownership and work hard to make you look good to your clients with professional service, proactive advice, and  white-labelled reporting.

Let us support your support!

Calgary Private Cloud for IT partners

Do you use ConnectWise? We integrate directly with your system, supporting your automated ticketing and billing efforts. If not, don't fret - we can integrate with other CRMs too!

Connectwise integration