Better value than Public Cloud! 

All-You-Can-Eat Cloud

Unlimited Local Private Cloud in Calgary

Everything is included for one flat rate, making Hyperbia a proven better long-term value than Public Cloud.

Unlimited Bandwidth included


Public Cloud costs can ramp up quickly and unexpectedly due to bandwidth hits.

Unlimited IOPS included


Don't let hidden compute charges creep up when you least expect it. 

More granular configurations than Public Cloud


Public Cloud providers force you into their pre-configured templates, which can be painful to re-allocate if required.

Keeping it local.

If you feel better knowing exactly where your data is, Hyperbia is the answer. We'll even take you on a data centre tour . You can literally touch where your data is stored!

Canadian cloud hosting

Hosted in Canada

Your data is hosted in a Tier 3 Datacentre in Calgary on enterprise-grade equipment.

PIPEDA compliant private cloud hosting

PIPEDA Compliant

Your data stays in Canada and doesn't cross borders into the United States.

High performance private Cloud

Minimal Latency

High latency bringing your network to it's knees? Speed up your remote sessions with Hyperbia.

A Data Stronghold within a Data Stronghold

Enterprise-grade, high performance

Totally private infrastructure

Highly caffeinated, friendly team

Calgary Cloud Hosting

Calgary-based Tier 3 data center

Guaranteed power & internet

Security guards & bio-metric sign-in

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Backed by our professional support and a monetary underwritten SLA.

Why choose Hyperbia over Public Cloud?

Predictable cost

Public Cloud services can get more costly as you ramp up, charging you for ongoing bandwidth.

Exact fit to your workload

Don't get stuck with pre-defined Virtual Machine configurations. Hyperbia can be scaled to your exact needs.

Know where your data lives

Public providers have limited location choices which force you to choose privacy over latency.

Watch your machines boot

Get console-level access to your machines and watch them boot. Asking for screenshots is a thing of the past.

Complimentary backups

We include 14 Day Backups by default, because it makes sense to include something everyone needs.

​Hybrid Cloud

The Best of Both Worlds

Unlimited Personalized Support

Our friendly, certified Cloud Professionals not only know their stuff, they also know your name!

We worry on your behalf and work with you to follow best practices and ensure the optimal operating and configuration of your systems hosted with Hyperbia - all included in the price.

It's your data, keep it that way.

Microsoft EA and SPLA licensing

License Mobility

Already own Microsoft Licenses? Re-use your existing licenses without having to purchase new ones. 

Bring your own VM

Bring your own VM's

We help you migrate existing virtual machines of any kind or size.

Month to month hosting

You are not locked in

Easy, month-to-month payments with no strings attached; Other than our great service. 😎

Resource Pooling

Rather than choose from a list of templates, which may not exactly fit your needs, we let you assemble Virtual Machines from any combination of CPU, RAM, and Storage. 

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Unique resource pooling for private cloud VM's

Certified Excellence

Microsoft certified QMTH CSP SPLA partner

Microsoft Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)

We are a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), working directly with Microsoft and take on support, billing & invoicing.

Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA)

Enjoy the flexibility of Software as a Service (SaaS) and license all your Microsoft licenses month-to-month.

​Qualified Multi Tenant Hoster (QMTH)

We are 1 of only 8 Canadian QMTH-Authorized Hosters, giving you license portability with your Microsoft Volume Licensing or Enterprise Agreements (EA)

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